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14-18 years old

Jan 17, 2024


Teenage years are an amazing time of self-discovery and exploration. They also present unique challenges for those living with PWS. Hormone changes (or hormone replacement therapy), together with changes in routine, can become confusing and emotionally frustrating. Each person is an individual who will develop and mature at their own rate. Both the individual, their family, and their circle of supports can explore the resources below to support the person to reach their full potential.

Friendships and relationships

A young person living with PWS talks about the challenges of social connections and gender identity.

Healthcare 14-18 years

An overview of health and hormone considerations.

Growth hormone for children

Benefits and side effects of growth hormone treatment, when to start GH treatment, sleep aponea.

Vision and care for the eyes

Strabismus (squint), astigmatism and eye infections (conjunctivitis, blepharitis): Cause and treatment.

Information for GP’s

An overview of characteristics of PWS, with health care risk and recommendations.

Hospital admission guidelines

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital recommened admission policy for people living with PWS.

Information for secondary school staff

Learning challenges, behaviour support and medical considerations.

Information for professional providers and support workers

International best practices for providing disability and health support.

Support providers – expectations

Guidance on how to have the best community inclusion experience and better community access outcomes.

Dental tips

Brushing, teeth crowding, sticky saliva, possible thin enamel, choosing a dentist.

Government assistance

There is government assistance available to families with a loved one living with PWS. It includes Carer Payments, the Disability Support Pension (DSP) for the individual and other discount arrangements.

Meeting the NDIS

During a period of transition, the support needs may change. A plan review could be needed.

Medical alert checklist for schools

A snapshot of the types of health issues that might need attention in the school environment.

Caring for yourself and other family members

You are not alone, sharing experiences with other families, spending time with family, focusing on the positive achievements.



Disclaimer: The content on this website is for information only. Everyone is an individual and needs to seek the advice of relevant professionals.

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