Jan 17, 2024


People living with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) will be out and about. They have different communication needs and reactions. Integration with mainstream community organisations makes for a good life. Individuals may be challenged by service interactions with your business and benefit from your understanding of PWS.

People living with PWS like to be busy and social. They want to be part of recreation groups, sports clubs, social groups and more. They like to exercise their independence by going to the cinema, shopping and using public transport where possible. All these activites mean that you might be interacting with someone who has PWS.

There are a few things about PWS that effect their ability to interact effectively with others. The following articles give more information.

Cognitive dysfunction makes it hard to start and then complete activities. Learn how to motivate someone with PWS.

The ideas for support providers are useful for all community members to know. Ways to help with some common PWS traits are listed.

They may ask lots of questions. They have a certain communication style when meeting.

They may tell stories (confabulate) when talking with you



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