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About us

Prader Willi Syndrome Australia is a family led Disability Representative Organisation. Our aim is to maximise life opportunities for people living with PWS by informing and supporting individuals, their families and communities across Australia.

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I am looking for support for…

Me and my family

Living with PWS is complex and at times challenging. Knowledge is key to living your best life. Individuals and families can find detailed written resources, videos and links to family focused information.

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Professionals & clinicians

Treating and supporting people living with PWS is complex. View local and international expert knowledge to assist professionals, clinicians and support workers here.

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Community & regulators

People living with PWS have the same rights as all other Australians. Enabling community inclusion is vital, but can be challenging. There’s assistance for you to understand and include people with this complex syndrome.

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What is PWS?

Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) is a genetic, complex, rare life threatening condition. Each person will develop their own personality, skills and character. To enable a best possible life the individual, their family and community should learn about all aspects of the syndrome, such as over-eating, obesity complications, challenging behaviours, hormone treatment and more.

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How we can help

Treatment and support needs change over time as individuals grow and develop. IPWSO and PWSA UK have generously granted permission for PWSA to adapt and edit their resources. With assistance from individuals living with PWS, their families and health/allied health professionals, PWSA has published life-stage resources and links to inform and support individuals, families and their community.

Our vision

That all people living with Prader-Willi sydrome (PWS) be recognised and acknowledged as individuals with rights to participate in all facets of community life.
PWS Australia (PWSA) envisages a world where every person living with PWS has equal access to quality services that enable them to live happy and productive lives, regardless of their postcode.

Be a part of the solution

PWSA is a family-led organisation run predominently by volunteers. You can help by becoming a member, donating to support our mission (above) or volunteering your time.

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