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PWS requires a multidiscipliany approach. Your PWS patient will present challenges in communication, diagnosis and treatment. Find alerts and peer-approved consensus resources to inform many dimensions of healthcare.

Support providers

Supporting people living with PWS is complex. Highly trained and well resourced services are essential to enable people living with PWS to reach their goals. Individualised support practice guides, together with support worker training materials are available.

NDIS access & ongoing funding

Understanding the person and how their syndrome influences their daily life will lead to better outcomes. Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme can fund ‘reasonable and necessary’ supports to live an ‘ordinary’ life. Find out about the NDIS and how to gather evidence of need.

Allied health professionals

A multidisciplinary approach to maintain health and build individual capacity. Experienced allied health professionals, with PWS knowledge are vital to enable a holistic approach to good health and wellbeing. Most individuals will benefit from accessing these services at various life stages.

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