PWSA is excited to be able to offer all the articles on this site in other languages*. PWSA believes it is vital that all Australians, no matter their first language can learn more about Prader-Willi syndrome and how to support the person better, at any age.

How can I convert the text into my preferred language?

Go to the top right of the screen. Note the globe symbol. Click the down arrow beside the ‘select language’ field. Then scroll to and click the language of your choice.

Can I print the article in another language?

The depends of the printer you are using and whether it will recognise the font of the other language. But generally, printing should be possible. This facility may be useful for professionals, allied health and service provider who are assisting a patient or client who lives with PWS and their family.

* Please note that the language conversion is driven by Google translate sorftware. Therefore, the translation may not be perfect and must not be relied on for decisions about care. The content on this website is for information only. Everyone is an individual and needs to seek their own advice from relevant professionals. The PWS Australia website will offer resources from, and links to other organisations. These are for information only and are not endorsements.